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Bears San Diego is a club for bears and bear fanciers. We are based in San Diego, California but we have members throughout the United States and even a few from overseas. Bears San Diego was established in San Diego in October 1994 when a need was recognized for a group who did not fit in with the mainstream gays.


Within the first year, the club grew to 100 members. In 2003 Bears San Diego took the next step and began our journey to become a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. We finalized the process in the summer of 2006 when Bears San Diego got it’s final approval from the Internal Revenue Service to do business as a Non-Profit Organization.


Bears San Diego is bound by a strict set of Bylaws and operates under Roberts Rules of Order. Bears San Diego is both a fundraising organization AND a social club, balancing the needs of the community and the needs of the membership.


Club members consist of all types– bears, cubs, and otters and those who have little or no body hair but enjoy the company of hirsute men. We have had members of all sexual and gender identities in our club as well! Bears San Diego’s purpose is to bring together people of like minds on a social basis, providing events at a local bar, den night at members homes, outings to movies, restaurants, the zoo and parties with other Bear Clubs.


These gatherings give participants the opportunity to actually meet other bears and admirers to create new friendships.


Donnie Vella



Kurt Wendelborg

Vice President

Jeff Rosenfeld2.jpg

Jeff Rosenfeld



Jeff Breeze



Don Riggs



David Ferguson

Public Relations

To contact us via “Snail Mail” please send mail to the following:

Bears San Diego
PO Box 3151
San Diego CA 92163
or you may call us at 619-630-8275

Success! Message received.


Pat Peterson- Espinoza



David Cordova

Mr. Bear San Diego


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